Storytelling and Puppetry

I have done much more than singing over the years. I trained in storytelling through Toronto Public Library (I worked there for 11 years) and Toronto District School Board. During my time at TPL I told stories at Metro Hall and New City Hall. I also built two puppet shows for TPL back in 1998 which are still in circulation.

I also was known to tell stories at other venues such as Buddies in Bad times (for Mayworks) and the Transac Club (for Raconteurs – note this tale is not appropriate for children)


I’ve been dancing since 1974 – I was four. I took ballet lessons until I was 12 and moved on to folk dance, some bellydance, as well as medieval and Renaissance dance. In the 90s I became active in the social dance scene, learning ballroom, Latin and swing. At this time I became a member of the Toronto Swing Dance Society.

I also taught rhythm and motion and was a member of the Toronto Burlesque and Vaudeville Alliance where I acted as performance historian.

And you would be amazed at what I would do for a box of cereal.