Workshops – Ritual Practice

Dance in Ritual


Here we explore the place of Dance in Pagan Ritual, discussing ritual leadership, choreography, and working with novice attendees. Movement and gesture are explored and taught.

Bardic Arts in Ritual

3singersThe use of Bardic Arts in Pagan ritual can run in a variety of ways: chant, solo song, storytelling and theatre.

But for a performer working with a coven or larger public group there are many factors to consider in order to make the spiritual performance work.

In this class we look at variety of factors: theme of ritual, working with coven leaders and priesthood, bardic leadership role in chant and ritual, and issues of community. We also look at creative ways to sing common chants with those who do not have a musical background.

Solitary Practice in Community

The 4 Broomwomen of Global Change

Never in our history have we ever have felt so alone.  This is particularly true in the pagan/heathen/Witch communities where covens, gatherings, and churches have become more fraught with political infighting,

Is it no wonder that so many have chosen solitary paths?

In this workshop, I share how I have come to practise my path and open discussion on how we of many traditions and pagan practices can find ways of working together better to work on common goals.