Ursus Major

Lyrics by Ines de Freitas (aka Kristine Maitland) (written April 1997)

Based on opening theme in “Flight of the Wild Swans” by Carol Nethen  (On recording of the Narada Collection Series “A Childhood Remembered”)

Written for (then Baroness) Adrielle, this song tells of a conversation between the Wolf of Ealdormere and the White Bear of Septentria as they sat together looking up at the stars…

Tell me, old tired bear, of mem’ries faded.
Tell me, old Ursus, of foes we once feared
Tell of the glory we know of Septentria–
For change in our world draws so near.

Little wolf, know you not of my great battles?
Know you not the warriors I still lead?
Know you not of change that has passed before my eyes?
(For) Ealdormere grows with great speed…

Then why is your light said to be now fading?
Why, Ursus Major, do you seem so small?
Do you not see that the world looks upon us now?
Fear you that our star will fall?

Fall, little wolf? Nay, for look to the heavens
Upon my shoulders does Ealdormere stand.
My daughters and sons grow strong in Septentria-
‘Tis they who help guard your land.

Little wolf, soon you shall become a great one
I’ll bear our history with greatest pride.
Know now, young wolf, you’re not alone in Ealdormere:
Let Septentria be your guide.