Networking Effectively

Len-Kristine-fencingAttending networking events can be stressful.  There is little worse than going to an event and discovering that the person you have engaged in discussion with is determined to do a hard sell.

In this session, participants learn how to make best use of all meetings with people and how to tell their story as well as listen to others. Networking is always a two way (or more)  street.

It is who you know

KMatOldNick1Too often people forget their own networks when looking to create new ventures, be they in business, in the arts or in academia.  But what about your family, your friends, your neighbours, all those people on FaceBook?

Learn how to make the most of those relationships without seeming to take advantage or demanding too much.

Make your Mark: the media interview

TV Media InterviewYou usually get no more than 5 minutes on air, 15 minutes tops, to make it count.  But did you know that in order to make your mark, you need far more time than that?  In this class, participants learn how to prep for the media appearance, how to be professional while sounding “like one of us”, and how to build your contacts so that you appear again.

equestrianFinding our stories –  a Black perspective

A discussion about researching Black history that is not conventional and how to work with archivists, librarians, performers and academics.

Follow Ms. Maitland’s journey from researching the Black Diaspora to  Renaissance Europe and the Middle East to delving into the contributions of Blacks in ballet, circus, burlesque and the equestrian arts.


For more information, see upcoming (on the right).  Ms. Maitland is also available for Private consultations and conferences.