The Kristine Maitland Project

For many, many years,Kristine Maitland has been singing blues, spirituals, swing, jazz and vaudeville made popular by Black performers like Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt, Oscar Brown, Jr. and Alberta Hunter . R&B and soul singers such as Jill Scott and Sade are also in her repertoire. And just for a change of pace she is known to sing medieval, Renaissance and folk music.

Photo by Chris Hutcheson, 2019

Kristine has a gift for the theatric: a dancer, a member of Storytellers of Canada , and an Associate Member of Workman Arts, she has performed at the Tranzac Club, Buddies in Bad Times, The Gladstone Hotel, Free Times Cafe, Lula Lounge and Nathan Phillips Square.

Currently, she is performing with double bassist Steven Falk or as an acapella act (sometimes under the nom de plume of M.T. de Canter when doing cabaret).

Either way, she is available to perform at conferences, seminars, rallies, restaurants/clubs, seniors residences, renaissance fairs and even as background for weddings and times of mourning.

Free Time Café, Fall 2019