Researching The Many Black Histories

This is a discussion about conventional and unconventional research of Black history. Here, we look at how to work with archivists, librarians, performers, academics – and one’s own family. We also look at effective use social media, email and web and others resources.

Africans in Renaissance Europe & Islamic world

In this presentation, attendees learn about the lives and contributions of Africans in the European and Middle Eastern world in the 15th and 16th centuries from African-Portuguese freewoman innkeeper
Inês Carmen Maria de Freitas (re-enacted by Kristine Maitland).

What Grandma told Mom – a look at World War II

Kristine Maitland discusses her maternal grandmother’s contributions and experiences in England during the World War II, and explores of Black soldiers and volunteers globally during this time.

Ballet History and Black dancers

This talk traces my journey through the history of Black performers in the Ballet long before stars like Misty Copeland came on to the scene. Here we look not only at the issue of racial politics but also the importance of documentation of performance itself.

Raven Wilkinson with the Royal Dutch Ballet, 1968. (Giselle? )


For many years, Kristine Maitland has been singing blues, spirituals, protest songs and jazz made popular by Black performers like Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt and Nat “King” Cole. She is available to perform at conferences, seminars, rallies, restaurants/clubs and even as background for weddings.

Kristine Maitland w/ Double Bassist Steven Falk at Free Times Cafe, December 2019

Kristine singing “Sea Lion” (Nina Simone) at the Lula Lounge for The Big Sing, May 2019.