I love to discuss new ideas with friends  (nobody has a network like I have),  professors, grad students,  genealogists, performing artists  and burgeoning scholars. Feel free to call me in – talking I do with pleasure.

The Marriage Bed

canhegetitup-e1504448610589.jpgBride. Check.  Dowry. Check.

But can the groom get it up?

The Church wants to know – and help!  And what happens when the situation is he said she said? Were we married in the first place?

A discussion of love, sex and marriage rites in the medieval and Renaissance Europe.

The Arts (and Business) of the Courtesan

VeronicaFranco-800x999It is easy to romanticize the “Dangerous Beauty” – the arts, the clothes, the literary acumen of the courtesan.

But what about the business of the sex work itself?  What is involved.

In this talk,  we bring things down to heart of the matter – the art of marketing and business of sex work in Renaissance Italy.


Finding our stories –  a Black perspective


A discussion about researching Black history that is not conventional and how to work with fellow archivists, librarians, performers and academics.

Follow my journey from researching the Black Diaspora to  Renaissance Europe and the Middle East to delving into the contributions of Blacks in ballet, circus, burlesque and the equestrian arts.


Club-Style Dirty Dancing

Move, groove, gyrate and shimmy – this class is guaranteed to give women the skills  to hit the dance floor with sexy confidence, drawing from Latin, West Coast Swing, Bellydance and sensual freestyle. Perfect for the night out.


It is who you know

KMatOldNick1Too often people forget their own networks when looking to create new ventures, be they in business, in the arts or in academia.  But what about your family, your friends, your neighbours, all those people on FaceBook?

Learn how to make the most of those relationships without seeming to take advantage or demanding too much.