My Appearances

Skylight, Omni Television

Taped Interviews

With Ron Glass, Polaris Convention, July 2006.


“Women’s Health in Scary Hands”. Surviving in the Hour of Darkness: The Health and Wellness of Women of Colour and Indigenous Women.  Harding, Sophie, ed. University of Calgary Press. 2005.


At the Crossroads

Black Canadian Culture? (1996, Issue 6)

Look Who’s Not Listening (high school racism and media complicity, 1996, Issue 7)

Oh! Canada (an essay on race and the AGO. 1997, Issue 8)

Ballet Creole seeks Glory in Messiah (December 17, 2005, performance review)

Eyeweekly Magazine

Beyond the Underground Railroad: The long, proud, ongoing history of black Toronto ( February 1, 2007 – Volume 16, Issue 18, cover story)

Sway Magazine (Torstar Inc.)

The Sky’s the limit: Natasha Eloi lands the job of a lifetime with SpaceTV
(Spring 2008, Volume 3, Issue 1, pg. 71)

Little Mosque, big success: Actor Arlene Duncan lights up the small screen
(Summer 2008, Volume 3, Issue 2,  pg. 70)

All the right moves: meet judges Luther Brown and Tré Armstrong of So You Think You Can Dance. ( Fall 2008, Volume 3, Issue 3, pg. 45)

The Toronto Star

The Sad Truth about Babar the “gigolo”(July 29, 1997, Talking Point piece on colonialism)

Trade: Queer Things

Neglected History: Carla Williams explores the Black Female Body.
(Spring 2003, Volume 4, Issue 1)

The Varsity

Black history month: anachronisms abound (reintegrating people with their histories)
(Thursday, February 9, 1995, Op-Ed)