Black History

My key aim in these presenttions is a to have students and the public look at black history through a wider lens.

Currently I am focusing on World War II and the contributions of Black soldiers and volunteers from Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and African nations.But I also cover the Black presence in Renaissance Europe and the Islamic world at the beginning of the African Slave Trades. Another interest is the emergence of Black dancers in the ballet world.

What Grandma told Mom – a look at World War II. (CHY4U/C)

This talk takes a look at the Black experience before and during WWII. I discuss my own grandmother’s contributions during the war but also look at the experience of Africans, African-Canadians and African-American soldiers fighting throughout WWII.

Finding our stories –  a Black perspective

A discussion about researching Black history that is not conventional and how to work with fellow archivists, librarians, performers and academics. The key? Tell EVERYONE what you are doing and TALK to your elders!

Follow my journey from researching the Black Diaspora to  Renaissance Europe and the Middle East to looking at the lives Black communities during WWII worldwide. I also  delving into the contributions of Blacks in ballet, circus, and burlesque.

Renaissance of the Working Woman

From Duchesses to fishmongers we look at the world of the woman in  Renaissance  Europe. These women stood up for themselves.

Trumpeter,  Gondolier, Innkeeper,  Knight

In this presentation, attendees learn about presence of Africans in the European and Middle Eastern world in the 15th and 16th centuries. When looking at the documentation and visual representation of Black people both as slaves and and freed people.

The Art of Entertainment


A career discussion with a twist: a look at the business of arts from a historical perspective and the place of the Black community in it.  Promotion, booking, management and the spectre of racism in dance and music are scrutinized.