It occurred to me that I should have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Here is the first question:

1. Do you cover African Canadian or African American history?

Yes, but, mainly in so much as it is transitory history. For example, African Canadian Elijah McCoy (“the Real McCoy”) was born in Canada but did his Masters in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, before working in the United States. Most websites do not mention where McCoy received his education. This annoyed me so I sought it out. I don’t think the U of E knew about McCoy until I bugged them about it.

Another example is African-American ballet dancer Raven Wilkinson, whose career started in the US. But after she was “outed” for passing for white, she danced in The Netherlands for a number of years before returning to the US to perform with the MET. I focused on her time in the Netherlands. Indeed, thanks to my investigation, I was able to get documents from the Royal Dutch Ballet about Ms. Wilkinson – including a photograph she had not seen since the late 1960s.

Raven Wilkinson, left (clipped photo)