Changing one’s path: Simu Liu and Pam Grier

If there is someone who I admire for having the courage to change his career path it is Simu Liu, a young man who studied finance and accounting at the University of Western Ontario but who had the balls to follow his dream to turn to acting. First starring in the tv show Kim’s Convenience, Liu is making his mark by joining the Marvel Universe as its first Asian super hero Shang-Chi.

Jimmy Kimmel: Simu Liu

But Liu is not the first in my list of actors to make a transition from one profession to another. Actor Pam Grier (Coffy, Jackie Brown) was another super woman who before doing action films was doing pre-med in college.

It can be done.

Sway’s Universe: Pam Grier Interview

Networking – 3 bones

Isaac Serwanga directed his Ted Talk to young students but this mature student took what he said to heart.

The 3 Bones of Networking for Student Success | Isaac Serwanga | TEDxCSUS

Of the three bone of Networking that Serwange speaks of – wish bone, jaw bone and backbone – it was backbone that stuck with me the most. By backbone, he means persistence.

Yesterday, my friend Rob took me to a party. I had a lovely time as I had not seen some of the people in years. But I realised something – I had this huge network that I really did not know. I knew them in the context of the club we were a part of but not personally. This is something that I mean to change.

When I told them that I was going back to school to do a certificate in career development, I got support, mainly because I was able to articulate the wish bone. That is, I was able to tell my friends what I planned to do. Finally I was able to use my jaw bone* show competency and humility – I knew what I wanted to do with my new career and how I was going to help others.

But again my backbone will be everything. I will persist in my networking, particularly with those people who are right in front of me on my Facebook and LinkedIn friends who may be more supportive of me.

*I must admit, I am not as clear on the jaw bone analogy.

Stand out from the rest

There was a time when young women wanted to be the next Oprah Winfrey creating their own media empire. I am sure that there are women – and men – who still do. But I have come to admire someone else: Janelle Monáe.

Afro-futurist singer, performer, lead of Wondaland Productions and actor, Monáe never ceases to impress me. She is a talent and a brand that has remained consistent. As I develop my networks and my own brand, Monáe will continue to be a guide for me.

Like Monáe, I want to stand out from the rest.

Janelle Monae

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Adapting to change

Hidden Figures is a favourite film of mine. I am not computer savvy in that I can’t code but I can “talk code” to a programmer when I need to. When it comes to databases, I can usually figure out where the bug is at.

Once thing that bothers me is that it so hard to access certain programs (Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce) without learning it on the job – and you have to have the job first. Still, thank goodness for YouTube. I have picked up many skills from the myriad of videos.

There are other ways to access computer skills for free. In Toronto, there is Times Change where women can learn MS Office skills and SAGE (for accounting) amongst other things. There are other job programs where one can garner skills like YES (for youth) and WESP (for those with disabilities).

Do your homework and check it out!

Hidden Figures Scene: Adapting to change

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My new career move

Friends of mine know that I have been searching for permanent j-o-b. Covid has been an issue, of course, but the truth of the matter is that I have been looking for work in an area that I have never been passionate about.

I investigated film and television but after some months I realized that was not the way I wanted to go. Journalism has also been a dead end for me. My time in admissions (15 years!) was only palatable because much of it was spent working with families helping them meet the needs of their children. That part I LOVED. Years earlier, when I worked in libraries (12 years!) , I was able to help the public find the information they needed. Helping people help themselves is where I want to go. (and yes, I investigated social work or community work but that is not my path).

So come this fall I am heading back to George Brown College to get my certificate as a Career Development Practitioner. For me, this is an opportunity to help people – my goal is help young people and middle aged people find work, particularly those who have been forced out of the arts. Further, I want a career where I have autonomy and have my own clients.

So like my career path, my blog – and my website – is going to change in focus. I will no longer be posting on Black history. I have other friends who are doing that. Instead, I will continue to post on issues around the BIPOC communities, women, LGBTQ2S+ but I want to focus career and business options (as well as scholarships and co-op opportunities).

I will also post videos of interest to me. Here is a Ted Talk that caught my eye:

TedX The Psychology of Career Decisions | Sharon Belden Castonguay

Last road to Priceville

I happened on a documentary about the hidden Black history in Priceville, Ontario. Surprise, surprise it featured archaeologist Karolyn Smardz Frost, who taught me archaeology in high school back in the day.

This documentary is timely given our current concerns with our Indigenous peoples being found now and how people (the Churches and the government) would rather we keep this history buried.

Speakers for the Dead (NFB)