Understanding Capitalism

I have LOTS of reading to do for my Trends in Career Development course at George Brown College. Getting familiar with Adam Smith, Karl Marx and the like.

Taking a break from reading Chapter 1 of Work, Industry and Canadian Society, I ate my supper whilst watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown: Shanghai. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bourdain in 2012 at Chapters Indigo. He was a delight and is sorely missed.

Little did I know that his program on Shanghai (first aired in 2014) would give me an in depth understanding of what capitalism was all about.

Thanks for the lesson.

Squiggly careers

While my course at George Brown College does not start until September, I am taking charge of my learning now.

Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper are career development consultants who founded Amazing If. Their take is that careers should not go up a ladder – that is too limiting. Instead they opt for what they call a “squiggly” approach.

TEDx Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

I would argue that my career so far has been neither up a ladder or “squiggly”. Instead it has been flatlined – my day jobs have long been administrative and safe, working for libraries, government and schools. They never reflected my real life, be they consulting, public speaking, media presenting, and facilitating workshops – all opportunities to teach and reach people.

Who knows? Eventually Tupper and Ellis may have a place for me. Or better yet, I will create a place for myself.

A look at the film and TV Industry

I found this Entertainment Weekly post on women and sexism in the film and TV industry.  Eva – make that Civil War Movie!

I have said it before: I have long held that it is time for women to say to hell with Hollywood and look at other avenues to tell stories.  Hollywood is dying a death in double time. Netflix and HBO is where it’s at.  As Snagglepuss used to say.