Black Dress

Fannie1936strutstuffOne of the things I had to learn the hard way is that we live in a visual age.  Indeed, I would argue that we have always lived in a visual age.  This is why Pinterest has become a powerful tool for me, even if it does not always help me meet my objectives.

As I noted before my Blacks in period dress collection came as result of Gatsby theme party held at a historic house in Toronto.  They provided no pictures of people of colour from the time.  Enter Pinterest which not only allowed me to post pictures but to provide dates and context.  Most people don’t pay attention to that but I can say that I have done due diligence. And perhaps costumers in the film industry will find it useful.

Thinking in terms of Brand, I looked to Black actors in TV and film doing SciFi.  In truth, I am not a big SciFi fan but my friends are and my Pinterest collection provides a reference.

My next step will be to go audio-visual – there are many Black female (and female identified) performers from the 1910s to the 1970s who have been lost to time.  They can be found on Youtube but they are too scattered so my idea is to provide a channel for them.