A Lullaby

Lyrics by Ines de Freitas (aka Kristine Maitland), written August 5th, AS XXXI.
Music for Chorus by Ines de Freitas
Suggested Music for the Verses: Elfland from Calverley’s “Celtic Mysteries”

As was his wont, Sir Thorbjorn Osis drove me from the Canton of Skeldergate to a nearby subway station after every meeting. On one such evening, he related to me that he had been having trouble sleeping what with work, etc. As well he expressed his concerns regarding his upcoming reign.

I wrote this lullaby for him while he was away at Pennsic; I sang a portion of this at his funeral some years later.

Sir Thorbjorn Osis please know that I shall do my best,
As I have before me a task that you must test.
For I think I know what lies behind the chaos I see in your eyes*.
So for you I sing a lullaby that may grant you ease and rest.

Please Brandsson, think not of the battles you may not win;
Nor of the diplomatic struggles that may soon begin.
All of that is but a haze that soon will disappear under our gaze
As you listen to my lullaby and forget all wartime’s din.

With responsibility one gains
Both its honest pleasures and its pains.
With wisdom honour still remains
Sleep, Thorbjorn, sleep.

I know of the burdens that you bear
And of all those fears you cannot share.
Let loose such nightmares if you dare–
Sleep, fair one, sleep.

Ealdormere stands against the force of foes attack.
Fortitude lives in your brave sons who guard your back.
Care and worry is what lies behind the query you see in my eyes
As you drift off with my lullaby know that my faith you shan’t lack.

Kings may be born, Sir Knight, but good kings learn and grow.
Swords may swing fast but The Dream is always far from slow
Osis, there is nought as dear as all your people home in Ealdormere
So remember this, my lullaby, for these are the things you should know.