Networking – 3 bones

Isaac Serwanga directed his Ted Talk to young students but this mature student took what he said to heart.

The 3 Bones of Networking for Student Success | Isaac Serwanga | TEDxCSUS

Of the three bone of Networking that Serwange speaks of – wish bone, jaw bone and backbone – it was backbone that stuck with me the most. By backbone, he means persistence.

Yesterday, my friend Rob took me to a party. I had a lovely time as I had not seen some of the people in years. But I realised something – I had this huge network that I really did not know. I knew them in the context of the club we were a part of but not personally. This is something that I mean to change.

When I told them that I was going back to school to do a certificate in career development, I got support, mainly because I was able to articulate the wish bone. That is, I was able to tell my friends what I planned to do. Finally I was able to use my jaw bone* show competency and humility – I knew what I wanted to do with my new career and how I was going to help others.

But again my backbone will be everything. I will persist in my networking, particularly with those people who are right in front of me on my Facebook and LinkedIn friends who may be more supportive of me.

*I must admit, I am not as clear on the jaw bone analogy.

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