Adapting to change

Hidden Figures is a favourite film of mine. I am not computer savvy in that I can’t code but I can “talk code” to a programmer when I need to. When it comes to databases, I can usually figure out where the bug is at.

Once thing that bothers me is that it so hard to access certain programs (Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce) without learning it on the job – and you have to have the job first. Still, thank goodness for YouTube. I have picked up many skills from the myriad of videos.

There are other ways to access computer skills for free. In Toronto, there is Times Change where women can learn MS Office skills and SAGE (for accounting) amongst other things. There are other job programs where one can garner skills like YES (for youth) and WESP (for those with disabilities).

Do your homework and check it out!

Hidden Figures Scene: Adapting to change

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