My career as a historian and researcher?

I should start by saying that I have been a researcher for a long time. From Blacks in the Early modern period to Black dancers, I have done it all. I like to keep lists of all sorts, mainly on Black subjects but not always (lately I have had an interest in women in Renaissance Portugal, in line with my heritage).

But after years of playing it safe (read: doing administrative jobs) I want to do something else. A friend of mine, a musician and all around music tech guy, posted on Facebook recently “Hey, what’s your trade/skillset? Wondering for the future – let’s build our own networks up in employment and resource.”

I replied, “I’ll put myself forward as a researcher for media content for film and television, radio and podcasts. I can also do research for projects and grants.”

Someone else responded, “This is totally cool and IMO totally necessary! 😁 You probably make the difference between a good and great piece!”

I soooooo needed to hear that.

As it is, I let two opportunities go because I was working a day job. I won’t be doing that again.

It is time to stop playing it safe.

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