Thinking ahead

The only thing I am really craving while in self-isolation is a chocolate chip cookie.

But after two days of goofing off online (there was hard work before that, honestly!) , it is time to think ahead.

I have had friends offering me ideas of what I could do to increase my income. In truth, I have many things on the go but I could use help with the following:

Contact information for Parents Groups and Heads of History/Social Studies in Toronto schools. I mean to start pitching The Many Black Histories program (including my new Black Inventors program for STEAM) the minute schools reopen.

A publisher for my upcoming memoir – Spare me: as if being a Black woman wasn’t enough. The publisher needs to be race and queer centered but big enough to provide tour support (in conjunction with arts funding… hey, I can hope)

Spaces and clients for my “Come dancing” classes. I have body positive classes as well as corporate appropriate classes for leadership and management. I’m good for weddings, festivals and conferences as of the fall or whenever the veil clears.

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