I met up with a neighbour of mine in the laundry room. We talked about a lot of things, including politics. He told me he voted for Dougie. I gave him the dead eye.

We talked some more and what became clear was that he was a fiscal Conservative and that he voted for Doug Ford because Doug was the Conservative candidate, not because he expected anything from the man.

“I just wanted him to get in and then to shut up,” he said, “We would have been better off with Rob.”

I could have killed my neighbour at this point but something niggled at my mind. “Better off with Rob? Why?” I asked,” Because he would have been easier to control?”

“Exactly,” said my neighbour, as he folded his children’s T-shirts.


As we continued to talk it became clear that he was totally dissatisfied with the options put in front of him. As an NDP supporter, I totally get that.

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