Silent – not silenced

It is said that a child shall lead them.  Only Emma Gonzalez is no child. A survivor of the Parkland Florida massacre – let’s call it what it was – this young woman understands what power is and what power does.

She cannot vote and yet Emma is the biggest threat to the status quo in the USA.  She is an American of Cuban descent. She is the B in the LGBTQ community – making her likely the most visible bisexual in a world where bisexuals (like myself) are often invisible. She is female.  But most frightening yet, she is all of these things with an education and a child of parents of colour with an education.  Emma Gonzalez knows how to address the public in clear terms, to call the powers that still be on their BS.

But even then, she knows when silence is just as effective.  In a world where noise is constant – via cellphones or keyboards – Emma Gonzalez’s silence as she stood on behind the podium was likely the loudest thing to be heard at a rally anywhere.