What’s next for the AGO?

New guy as Chef Curator for the AGO.  Handsome, yes.  But what caught my ear was his interest in the Civil Rights Movement (King, Jr., Baldwin).  How will that translate in exhibitions?  And do we want it to?  Don’t get me wrong – I want to see more work of artists of colour (all colour).  But as much as I would like to see the works of artists of African decent  like Thelma Johnson Streat, I don’t want it to be from only an American lens,

The ROM is still playing up from the Out of Africa fiasco.  I am looking forward to seeing the work of artist Michèle Pearson Clarke on display until April. Michèle  asks questions  about what narrative Black artists are supposed to cover.

I have a question too: is the AGO supposed to throw Basquiat at the visitors and say, “There, now we are covered”? Ultimately we can to better than this.

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