Trying to Matter

“How are you, Mom?”
“I’m trying to matter,” she replied.
By that she meant that she was working on being able to contribute to this world. She picked the phrase up from guest on a talk show. Very #bwia and something my mother has done, and her mother before her, all my life.

I have been giving much thought to that of late. Too much time has been spent on giving audience to the vulgarity of greed and violence instead of to compassion and useful change.

The question I had: how am I to contribute change?

Watching Abstract on Netflix has given me some ideas.  The topic of conversation that I keep bringing up ad nauseum is education.  Working in admissions for an independent school as I do, I talk to parents, rich and poor, all day long. They are not happy.

Perhaps what we really need is quality in exposure.  I am not a math person but I had a brilliant math teacher in high school ( Mr. Dale Estabrooks) who taught me that general math could be learned by everyone. My mother, on the other hand, took me to galleries, museums and libraries (at 73, she still does). I often joke that I was a homeschooled kid who went to school every day.

It takes a village of elders… and a person who wants to learn. That’s what I want to explore.

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