Maximum Living

I spent an entire day online with  a No-Spend 2018 FaceBook group. I had a lovely time and met some amazing people. We shared goals and ideas and stories.  But late that night I came to a realization.

I am not a minimalist.

While I support many of the ideas of minimalism, the truth is I enjoy the things I have.  I do not have a spending problem – I finally got out of debt 6 years ago.  There are things that I do plan on changing in 2018: I don’t (really) need new clothes, and I have tired out eating out. And I really can do without meat all the time. But push goes to shove if I have to buy a new laptop in 2018, I will.

I think what I want to focus on in 2018 is experiences.  Living in Toronto I have an advantage: everything comes to us eventually. Which is good as, in truth, I HATE travelling. So this year I want to learn new dances, visit galleries on my own (as I dislike launches) and become familiar with different musicians (as I can only listen to that 80s mix for so long).

Speaking of music, I happened on some of the sweetest music I have heard in a long while from a singer named Natalia Lafourcade. Once again NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert has become my new library of sound.