Lisa Nishimura

The Rebels & Rulebreakers of Netflix Luncheon, Los Angeles, America - 14 May 2016Okay, we get it. We know it. Women, particularly women of colour and LGBT, get overlooked in the film and television industry. Weinstein is a pig. No news there.

But this is age of the internet and Twitter- there is no excuse for us to pretend that woman are not there doing the work, creating the stuff we want to watch. Producers, directors, screenwriters, DoPs. They are there and we need to get to know them and watch their work.

Take Lisa Nishimura.  Almost every single Netflix documentary and performance I watch – such as Oscar-nominated “What Happened, Miss Simone?” and umpteen other programs besides – Lisa’s name is front and centre in the credits. The producer to end all producers.  It is time to get familiar with her work and TALK about it and SUPPORT it, y’all.  Click here for more about Nishimura.

And would somebody update her damned IMDB page! She is not a two-bit D list player in the industry.



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