CollaboratingwtenemyIt never ceases to amaze me how the one thing one is looking for can suddenly drop out from the sky… or,  my case, from a radio podcast. So was the case with a episode of The Current where Anna Maria Tremonti interviewer Canadian negotiator Adam Kahane (aside: this is why we need public radio *wry smile*).

This goes beyond negotiating with foreign governments or activist groups. This is about (sigh) supervisors, employers, people in your networks, the media.  To quote the transcript of the piece “Kahane says there are four choices when it comes to working with others: collaborate, adapt, force or exit.”

I can speak for myself  my usual response is to either adapt or exit. But as I learned from Kahane collaborating is self-reflective – yes, the enemy may be a problem, the issue at hand may have more to do with you. And that’s far trickier to own up to.

I plan on getting the book  but I strongly recommend listening/reading the podcast.

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