Crisis mode

My mother. Rosetta McClain Gardens, 2008

Things have been chaotic in my life of late.  My mother, a young 75, had been very ill.  Things at my day job have been, well, off and on. And my anxiety has been had me staring up at  at a cliff- face

So what happened to my call to change the state of play?

I have been wondering about that. Until I reflected on a friend of mine.   She was undergoing some major issues in her personal life.  It got so bad that when she was in the city she actually SUMMONED me to me with her and asked me what she should do.

I told her was I thought.

She did not take my advice.

And things worked out in the end.

The bottom line is,  no matter what advice you are given, it is up to you to put a plan into action. Or not.  Your support team – friends, family, professional – are just that: support.  Where my mother was concerned, they were very helpful -to the point of being too helpful at times. There was a LOT of useful information that I  still have to synthesize  *grin*.

Where my mother is concerned, a plan is forming. And I learned not to discount “friends of friends”, be they on my Facebook list, or relatives of friends I have known, and played mahjong with, for almost 30 years.

Still, you have no obligation to any of them, as they only have a perception of your problem.  They are not you in the middle of it. Their realities are not yours, which is likely why you turned to them in the first place.

Which is why, when dealing with a major or minor crisis, you should not sell yourself short.