Needless to say, I will not watch the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

But let me make things very clear: I was not a supporter of Barack Obama either.  To me, he was merely preferable  than Hillary Clinton, whose agenda always seemed to revolve around her. John Edwards hijacked a women’s labour conference  in Toronto and when he was proven to be sleeze, it was not surprise.

We all knew that Bill Clinton was a ‘ho before Monicka came into the picture so I could not understand why the politicking went on. The Bushes?  Meh. The Reagans (yes I include Nancy)? Meh.  In truth, of the lot I liked President Carter best – he, at least, would own up to his mistakes.

The truth to be told I have little use for anyone with political power.  Putin, Mugabe, Duterte – six of one… Hell, I include those who are not holding office.  The Dalai Lama wanted strip the Nepalese migrants in Tibet of their culture.  I was at the first speech Nelson Mandela gave outside of South Africa after he was freed – my mother and sat there and watched him flirt with young women during the speech WHILE his wife Winnie was on the stage with him.  He had not been out of jail a WEEK. Feh.

As for politics in Canada?  Spare me. It has been a shit show of the inept and the greedy throughout my lifetime.

irisSo what am I going to do about?  Absolutely nothing.  Yeah, I said it. Nothing.

For years, I have gone to collective meetings and town halls. I have participated in political activities and have done media appearances. But whenever I speak up I am silenced. Of course, I am too White for Black organizations and Black for White activist groups.  I am called racist when I call classism for what it is. I am nothing but a Cassandra – speaking truth (yes, mine, but I am often correct) but with nobody listening or reading.

So I’m done.  So ends the online detritus I have been leaving on upteen blogs, on Facebook, on LinkedIn. My time is going to  be used elsewhere. I have priorities and playing this game is not one of them. But I will vote – for all the good it will do.

*mic thrown through a stained glass window*