Customer Service

Had internet issues and called my internet provider. First computer technician read from a script and was as personable as a shiitake mushroom. Hours later I got another tech who (for now) fixed the problem.

Emi Morikawa

All I ask from a computer tech is solid customer service, not that they necessarily get things right immediately. First tech I had knew computers, not how to deal with humans.

Part of it is a personality issue – some people are not people persons. But the biggest issue for me is that nobody is trained to do customer service anymore.

Back in the 90s, when I worked for Toronto Public Library, we were trained on how to work with or deal with customers. That training have I have carried with me from job to job.

Now I have to deal with bad service all the time – and I am not pulling the race card here. Racism is not always at play. And to my mind this why everybody is buying things online. It is not about ease or price – it’s because nobody knows how to communicate pleasantly anymore.

And this is skill that can be taught.

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