Onward and upward

Leonard Cohen is dead.

Since last week my friends and colleagues as well as the media and the entertainment industry have been wailing about what is to come now that Donald Trump is president Elect.

Leonard Cohen, d. November 7, 2016


I shan’t call it a disaster because I saw it coming, Seer that I am.  And anyone following more than what Facebook told them to follow, had seen it coming too. Frankly I found the fact that the yen dipped majorly before re-rallying during the election tally was  far more worrying because that told me that the global economic game has changed (aside: the interesting question to ask is which country was affected the least that night, along with the night of Brexit…)

And the economic game has changed. This more than thugs from the Right and the Left running around. If there is one thing that my best friend MH – he has a Ph.D in Defence and works in trade and economics – taught me it is that in the end the fight is always over resources and trade routes.  As someone who knows her slave history (and not just African slaves, mind) I can concur.

Leonard Cohen is dead.

There are times to mourn.  There are times to wail.  And there are times to withdraw.  Leonard Cohen did all of these things,  including withdrawing to became a Buddhist monk.  But when he was ready he came back ready to rally again.

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to change the system from within
I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin
~Leonard Cohen

I was a part of the activist scene during the Harris and post Harris era – and like my friends, I burned out. But now that I have had time to reflect – a little over 20 years –  I can see where my path lies.  I plan to return to public speaking and running workshops, to use my skills to help people research and problem solve. I will let you know when my workshop page is up and running.

Hineni, world.