Telecopes, life, and education

Billy Connolly hit the nail on the head with this one.  Perhaps his own head, given all the swearing but I am with  him on this one.  I think that we are all looking at the world and the universe from the wrong end of the telescope.

I would go further.  I work in the business of education and like many people, I b**** and complain about how children are NOT taught. But you need only look to people like Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson (both Scottish, hmm) to know what rubbish that is.  Both of these men barely got an education and yet they are arguably (and I do argue it) two of the most learned men in the English speaking world.  Why?  Because they wanted to learn and they took the time to read books, to travel and to talk to people.  And they did not stop doing that as they aged, they continued to be passionate about learning.

Which I think is way Billy gets so frustrated in this clip. The children aren the problem – the so-called adults are the problem.  This is why we end up with elections with morons as candidates,  and why people don’t have water even in so-called first world countries. Kids are the last people who need to focus. And focus – which happens when you look at the other end of the telescope- is something that we adults have not learned yet.

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