And then there’s Terry: Icon#2

To Gladys with love, Terry “Maude” McMann”

I have been saying this all year: 2016 sucked.

People die all the time.  But in 2016 all the great innovators, artists, performers and activists seem to be dropping from the skies and leaving us to unhappiness and misery.  And it’s not just “famous” people, like Prince and Bowie. Even people who made one appearance in our lives, and made a lasting impression, are taking a bow for their last curtain call.

Such is the case for Terry “Maude” McCann, who was taken for Bea Arthur quite often, died on the 6th of June 2016, just past her 100th birthday.

She is known on YouTube as the audience member who knocked our socks off on The Carol Burnett Show back in the early 1970s.

What I know is that Ms.McMann way ballsy and talented, far better than much of what can be seen on the (Ain’t) “Get Talent” shows on TV. She knew when to grab an opportunity.

She will be missed and remembered.

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