Bigots and Burkinis

The anti-Islam claptrap that seems to be abounding worldwide is just plain asinine.  I find it almost hilarious that every time a Muslim, particularly a girl or woman, attempts to integrate into Western society (even when they were born here), idiots in the West freak out and instigate ways to oppress them while saying that Islam is oppressive.  To my mind, the loudest oppressors of late seem to always be French speakers (when it isn’t Donald Trump, of course).

(Peter McCabe/CP, 2007)


In Quebec, back in 2007, there was a big hue and cry over Muslim girls wearing hijabs during matches of  tae kwon do. Fast forward to 2016, and politicos in Nice  have placed a ban on women wearing burkinis, essentially because they are seen as a threat in the wake of the Bastille Day terror attack.

I have two words for this nonsense: Spare me.

In fact, I would go so far to say that all this had little to do with Islam and everything to do good old fashioned sexism and racism, using Islam as an excuse. Now I know I am swearing a lot but frankly this is unadulterated BULLSHIT.  First women are shamed for dressing like sluts now we get shamed for dressing modestly?  Make up your f***ing minds people!

But all this brings to mind something Irish comedian Dara O’Briain has said on the matter of Islam and the Western take on it.  In fact, Dara no longer makes jokes about religion general and does not do jokes about Muslims and here is why:

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