Like, body positively fed up

A link to the article Fuck Fat Loss, but like, actually by Carly Boyce came up on my Facebook feed.

I’m with her. Personally, I lost my patience with the body positivity movement long before DOVE got a hold of it, let alone the diet industry. The body positivity movement is nothing but a sales gimmick, particularly for clothing lines (I’m looking at you Addition-elle /Pennington’s /Reitman’s ) who continue to try to sell me s*** quality clothes made Bangladesh and Vietnam by women who got paid s*** for piecework.

You can be “curvy” if you want.  I might have used that term when I was 30.  But I’m looking up at 50. I am fat, 270 lb on a good day. And I don’t like being as fat as I am. Frankly, I would be happy to see 230 lb again, just so that I don’t have to pay $150 for a bathing suit or a bra to hold up my vast tracts of land. My doctor thinks I should be 160 pounds.  I was 160 pounds when I was 19.  My doctor can… well, I will let you fill in the appropriate expletive.

Anyway, to my mind,  it’s not really the clothing industry that is out to kill us, nor is it the diet industry.  It’s the FITNESS industry that are out to get us big women.  How? Simple: they go on and on about how we need to get fit and then when it is time to get the equipment, the fitness industry is NOWHERE to been.


I spent two years seeking a swim suit *for swimming*, not lounging by the pool – the Germans finally saved the day last week with this size 18 suit with 40 JJ, or GG/H in Europe, underwire. What do I look like in this suit? Fat.  But it for swimming in not for garnering compliments.

And by the by,  they do not make sports bras for large women with large breasts like mine either. Made my try at fencing a hell as I had to parry and thrust in a uniform that barely fit my bust but was too long in the arms.

As for my feets-too-big feet:  I’m size 11ww.  I’ve been Latin/Swing/Ballroom dancing for *30 years* and I have to wear men’s shoes with orthotics put in. Yes, I realize that these are all clothing items but it is the fitness industry that sets gangs up with the clothing industry to set this sub par standard.

So I have a message to the fitness industry,  the dance community, the clothing industry, and the diet industry.  My fat loss, fat gain, or anything having to do with my fitness or lack thereof is NONE of your damned business.

Which is the real issue, really. Because it is my business that you really want and need. Until you actually meet *my* needs, you’re not going to get any of it.


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