Personal life experience

I nearly took down someone – until I took to time to review the person’s FB page. I had met her before – a “I’m not going there not worth my time” situation. She was expressing outrage at being silenced and erased, saying that others would not know what that is like. I refuse to tell people what their personal live experience is.
My response? It bares repeating.
Bi Bash 2009 - Set 1“Try being, not black enough, not white enough, not queer enough, not sane enough, not ethnic enough, not young enough, not old enough, not poor enough, not female enough and too well educated to understand what it is to be oppressed.
When you are a 46 year old Canadian Black Pagan bisexual bipolar, supposedly high-functioning autistic ciswoman of Guyanese descent and Black, Portuguese and Indian Subcontinent heritage who has not produced estrogen or testosterone naturally since 1999, you get silenced and erased from EVERY SINGLE space and every single group from ALL sides.
Or at least, you have people who try to silence you.
Been there, done that. Churches, women’s groups, queer movements, Ministry of Education, the Toronto District School Board – they have said that I was wrong. Years later, they found out the hard way that I was correct.
No one has the right to dictate how others how to fight their own battles (though I am often suspicious at Western Countries who cry “democracy at all costs” – somebody always profits with when there is a dictator in power ). Sometimes I walk away and sometimes I backhand the powers that be.
But I learned a long time ago with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I am still waiting for activists to learn how to push and then, when they get the push back, how to stand aside so that the oppressor lands on their faces.
I don’t demand fairness because my litany of identities. I demand fairness because I am a fucking taxpayer.

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