Renaissance Man: Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

I am more a fan of Viggo the man than I am Viggo the actor.  This is not to denigrate his acting but merely to say that he is so emotional vested in his performances I find it, at times, too visceral ( I could not get through the fight scene in the bath in the film Eastern Promises and that was at the BEGINNING of the movie).

But Viggo is my definition of a Renaissance man: actor, editor/publisher (Percival Press), poet, horseman, fisherman. He’s a hockey (Habs) and football – that is to say, soccer – fan (San Lorenzo).

What I love is the fact that he is an social/political activist on his own terms – and is willing to take down all sides of a position if he sees hypocrisy in the viewpoints.  I would argue that his opponents fear him exactly because he is measured in views and chooses his debates carefully.  The “yeah, but it’s not like he’s wrong” aura floats around his person like the ghosts of dead kings – clearly something or a host of someones are whispering wisdom in his ears.

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