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Well_Pam Anderson FC 22sb.indd
Pamela Anderson in Zoomer Magazine July/August 2013

Pamela Anderson was on the trending list in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

The SMH was quick to lead with the PA quote as the headline  – : “Happiness has a lot to do with beauty,” letting the shoe drop before “(t)hankfully” (that’s what the SMH wrote regarding her comment)  letting Pamela clarify the point.  “Calm, peacefulness and no constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confidence,”she said.

Thankfully? Pam’s statement stood on it’s own.  It’s not her fault that the general reader (and the writer at the SMH) has a narrow definition of the word beauty and an even narrower view of Pamela. But I understood what she meant before the clarification.

Pamela can be provocative and at times outrageous. She has had her run ins with the US Tax people (then again, so has Nicolas Cage). Like the rest of us, she has done things she likely wishes she has not done and she has done things of questionable taste.

The thing is, in order to continue to make a living she still has to be 18 to 35 year old man version of Pam Anderson even if that is a role she does not want to play anymore. This was evidenced by her cutting her hair as a way of breaking away from being the bombshell image (“I just thought my hair had had it’s “life” and I wanted to put that behind me and start fresh,” she told Ellen after running a marathon for charity).

But she is a woman with children to support – so back came the blonde hair and the photoshoots and talkshows where the male hosts are too slow to pick up on the fact that the joke is often on them. Ms. Anderson is wiser than many give her credit for.

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