Dear Mrs. Clinton

When I was in high school I ran for student counsel.  My opponent was popular – and a useless twit.  I stood in front of my classmates in my school audition and made my bid for office.  I told them everything that I could do for them.  Then I told them that my opponent would not last the year.

And that is how I lost the election. People always support the underdog.

hillary-clintonI was correct, of course. The twit did not last the year and student counsel came running to me begging me to take his place.  I refused saying that the people had made their choice and we would all have to pay the price for it.

But I had learned a valuable lesson.

Some years later, when I was in university, I ran for office again.  This time I took a different tack.  When it came time to make my election speech, I spoke very highly of my opponents (indeed, I knew one of them from high school) and said that I would be glad to work with them.  But then I made it clear why I was the best choice, clear enough that I was elected.

I won and so did the electorate because my opponents became my allies on counsel and I had a good year working with them.

Play the game,  Mrs Clinton, but play it better.

And be advised, I am not your supporter.  But I am also far too practical to support the circus that the US electoral race has become.

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