24 years before Ghomeshi

Stupidly, I turned on the news this morning. 3 women vs Ghomeshi. Now I am shaking violently.
24 years ago I spent a year being stalked by a terror (if not terrorist), a black man, because a white woman in our African history class made a complaint about him and he assumed it was me.
24 years ago ago the black women in my class, to a woman said, “oh, he just likes you”. 24 years ago the white women said nothing. 24 years ago the men were oblivious, as was the University of Toronto.
24 years ago I spoke out. 24 years ago MY actions were questioned – my class tutor said, seeing me as the big stong Black woman, “Oh, you can handle him.” 24 years ago the Sexual Harassment Officer told me that she could not do anything.
And so I continued to go to class. I arrived late, and left early. Every day.
And so the abuse continued and NOBODY did anything… until my stalker threatened to kill my professor and my tutor. 24 years ago my stalker was put on peace bond. And the University did not see fit to tell me. I was told by my professor as an afterthought – after the stalker verbally assaulted me OUTSIDE OF THE FINAL EXAM ROOM.
24 years ago nobody did a thing. So is a surprise that I have little expectations from *any* of my so-called communities, then or now? I hear black women bitching about white feminists and I am like, ” where the f*** were either of you?”
Half and hour writing this piece, the case continues, and I am still shaking…. reliving my terror, continuing my anger.

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