Glass ceiling at the Oscars?

I have said this before: we have need for diversity *of* workplaces as well as diversity *in* the workplace. The call for an Oscar boycott, due to lack of representation of people of colour points to an example of that.

While it is appalling that there was no representation of people of colour this year, I would point out over at the Emmys Black actors (female and male) and shows produced by Blacks and others of colour were all over the place. Shows that people actually saw.

There is no need to hold on to old chestnuts. Sondra on the right track as Ava, along with Selma and Sofia – women creating and producing new material. Meanwhile Brad Pitt is giving out money (e.g. Nightingale) – time to take it (Ava did) and create new work.

We live in an era of Netflix and HBO, not cineplexes and Oscar marketing. There is no need to look up at the glass ceiling – why have broken glass fall on our face? Better for us to exit stage left and go build a new house…or media room.

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