4 Tips to a Full Time life with a day job

I happened on Kraig Mathias’ post 7 Tips for Making a Full Time Independent Living Without a Job

Interesting read. Time and time again I have looked at being self-employed.  I have many, many talents and skills.  I have made money doing a variety of things.

But I’m lazy.

Frankly, I have better things to do with my time than chase after payments for services rendered.  I do not begrudge my union dues because I like being able to see a chiropractor when I need to and getting the bulk of my medications paid for.

And trust me, I know how lucky I am – I’ve done the full time work at half time pay.   I’ve done security.  I’ve cleaned toilets.  I’ve taught seniors how to lap dance.To people who use the word “wage slave”  I say “feh”. People who get paid pittance so you can eat “organic” lettuce – those people are wage slaves.

Still I can take pointers from the entrepreneurs like Kraig. He has a 7 step program.  I can bring it down to 4.  I will look at the steps with more detail in future posts.

1. Connect with the “You” of the present

Look at yourself in the mirror.  Then look at your bank account. Do you really want to change that much?  Why?  Assess.

2. Pile up cash

Kraig is right on that one. I didn’t get into debt until AFTER university.  A combination of using my Line of Credit like cash and being bi-polar (plus living in Toronto, Canada during the Harris years) made for a financial nightmare.  But I pulled through – last June. My priority now? Save, save, save

3. Put in lots and lots of time … taking care of yourself

As I have said repeatedly, I’m lazy.  And I’m fat, too, yet I eat more healthy food than most people – yellow kiwis (when I can get them) beat chocolate every time.  But when I say “taking care of yourself” I mean psychologically.  Remove the psych-vampires from your life and stop putting yourself down.  I have accepted that I’m fat – I dress better to compensate.

4. “Double down on what works (and ditch what doesn’t)”

Kraig is on the money here. For me, a day job works.  I like what I do and garner satisfaction in being able to help people. What did I ditch?  See #3.

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